Meditation and Prayer room

In Terminal 2 on level 05, in the non-Schengen area, there is room 2194. In 2005, it was designed by the artist E.Lin (Erwin Wiegerling) and opened as a space for prayer and silence. In the middle of the highly technical and busy environment of the airport, an oasis of peace opens up, which is open to people of all religions or even without religion. At the center is a cube of glass illuminated with warm light, built into a dark shell of space. It protects a 140-year-old, mighty tree trunk fixed in textured sand that extends from the floor to the ceiling. Natural materials - symbols of creation that people of all religions can understand and about which they can recollect their roots and origins, about which they can ground themselves.

In the entrance area there are shelves and benches for storing luggage, religious scriptures, rugs and scarves are available for devotion. Wisdom from the five world religions adorns the walls. 

Opposite the room of silence and prayer, one finds facilities for ritual ablutions. 

A guest book is available for requests, thoughts and wishes.