Christophorus Chapel

In the central area of the MAC (Munich Airportcenter), the Christophorus Chapel is located on level 04. When you walk in, some things will look familiar at first glance. Steel, concrete and glass are also used elsewhere on the airport grounds. The colors of the windows - blue, green and white - are airport colors. But the chapel wants to set itself apart from the airport business. It contrasts with the bustle, the noise and the stress through its simplicity and silence. When the airport was built, the Catholic and Protestant churches wanted to have a common place of worship. On May 21, 1992, it was consecrated to St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers. Today, both denominations celebrate services with each other and for themselves with travelers, employees and guests. In the sacristy there are carpets on which Muslim believers can pray towards Mecca. 

The artists of the chapel

Architecture: Hans- Busso von Busse

Glass work: Florian Lechner

Standing cross and communion utensils: Prof. Hermann Jünger

Christophorus stele: Blasius Gerg

The chapel is open throughout the day. It is possible to light a candle and leave an entry in the prayer book

Noise makes you sick
Not only the external noise at the airport
loudspeaker announcements, planes taking off or
landing airplanes
Also the inner noise
This never ending tangle
of voices inside us
Inside it is quiet
Calm colors of the stained glass windows
Quiet light of the candles
Slowly the daylight moves
Over the blue cloud on the ceiling
of the chapel over the cross
Up to my face.
Then words
Of thanksgiving
Of supplication
Thoughts of people
Who live near my heart.
The eternal
Carrying, accompanying.

We are illiterate of silence
Thank God the door of the chapel is
heavy and thick
Inside me it becomes silent
Ten minutes to think of nothing
Being there
All here and now
Why do I need this?
Now open the door of the chapel
open again:
Now you know.