ASiMA offers help for people in special circumstances.

They are often homeless, mentally ill, victims of violence and sometimes looking for just one thing: protection. These people use the airport as a safe haven, submerge themselves in the flow of passengers and do not want to be seen. As part of the ASiMA social project, social worker Jessica Gürtler looks after all those stranded at the airport who are not passengers. The acronym stands for Outreach Social Work at Munich Airport. At the same time, the Arabic term "asim" means "the protector, defender." "The experience of recent years has shown that these people, who often stay in the terminals for long periods of time and see the airport as a safe station, are not exclusively without a permanent place to stay. The backgrounds and problems are often much more complex," says Jessica Gürtler. With a lot of patience and a large network, she creates offers of help and is very committed to taking care of all those who stay at the airport out of necessity.



Jessica Gürtler

Telefon: 089 975 63 039

Mobil: 0172 659 22 88